Dave Schools Shares Tale Of Night Trey Anastasio & Page McConnell Sat-In With Widespread Panic

In the fall of 1993 Phish took what was at the time a rare three-month break from the road to record a new studio album with producer Paul Fox at American Recording Co. in Woodland Hills, California. On November 11, 1993 Widespread Panic played the nearby Roxy in Los Angeles and Phish’s Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell headed to the venue to check it out.

Trey and Page wound up sitting-in with Panic on the encore. Anastasio, along with former WSP keyboardist T. Lavitz contributed to a JoJo Hermann-sung “Get Up Early In The Morning,” while Page and Trey added to a wild cover of Traffic’s “Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys” that featured a “Time Is Free” jam. Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools shared the photo above on Facebook this morning as well as the story of that fateful evening.

Schools shared what he called a “potato quality shot” of Houser and Anastasio jamming at The Roxy. “These two got along great and whenever a jam occurred it was magic. I believe Trey is playing John Bell’s Stratocaster that was a gift,” the bassist wrote. Dave also explained why the evening held extra significance to him, “This night was a big deal to me as it was the first time I met my birth father and his wife not to mention their two kids which brought my grand total of siblings up to five. Which is also amazing because two years earlier I had none!”

Phish wound up calling the album recorded in Southern California Hoist. The 11-track effort included a number of songs which remain staples through current times such as “Down With Disease,” “Sample In A Jar,” “Julius” and “Wolfman’s Brother.” Alison Krauss, Béla Fleck and Jonathan Frakes were among the guests who contributed to Hoist.

Head to PanicStream to stream a soundboard recording of the show.

Setlist (via Everyday Companion)

Set One: Pleas, Space Wrangler > Henry Parsons Died > Travelin’ Light, Diner > Pilgrims, Hatfield, Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Holden Oversoul, Love Tractor

Set Two: The Take Out > Porch Song, Can’t Get High, Worry, Makes Sense To Me*, Little Kin, Chilly Water, Fishwater, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Heroes, Mercy, Wondering, Mr. Soul

Encore: Get Up Early In The Morning**, Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys*** > Time Is Free Jam*** > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys***

  • * with T. Lavitz on piano
  • ** with T. Lavitz on piano, Trey Anastasio on guitar
  • *** with Page McConnell on organ, Trey Anastasio on guitar

[Hat Tip – Deadheadland]