Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Fit 4 Tour Debuts Into Holmdel Show


Guitarists Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds continued a North American Tour on Wednesday night at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. The duo’s set included a handful of surprises including four tour debuts.

“Dancing Nancies” opened the show which was the first time Dave and Tim kicked off one of their acoustic duo shows with the song since way back on January 15, 1997. “Grace Is Gone” came next and was followed by the evening’s initial tour debut – “Recently.” Matthews and Reynolds kept a focus on older material with “The Best Of What’s Around” and then dug deep to dust off “I’ll Back You Up” for the first time at an acoustic duo show since January 17, 2015.

Later in the set the guitarists served up the tour debut of “If Only,” while Tim’s pair of solo performances included the run’s initial “Stream.” Back on May 31 Matthews and Reynolds performed “Melissa” in honor of the late Gregg Allman. Wednesday’s show featured the pair’s third rendition of the Allman Brothers Band classic since the 31st. Dave & Tim concluded the 24-song set with “Jimi Thing” and then served up a pair of encores to end the evening. Now, the duo head to Chicago for concerts on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Check out a series of videos captured by fans at last night’s show:

[Recently | Captured by William Corcoran]

[Bartender | Captured by William Corcoran]

[Grey Street | Captured by Cool Hand 62]

[Crash Into Me | Captured by Dan Chin]


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds at PNC Bank Arts Center

  • Dancing Nancies  
  • Grace Is Gone  
  • Recently  
  • The Best of What's Around  
  • I'll Back You Up  
  • Grey Street  
  • Satellite  
  • Bartender  
  • If Only  
  • Two Step  
  • Spoon  
  • Cornbread  
  • Tangled Web We Weave  
  • Death on the High Seas  
  • Melissa  
  • Warehouse  
  • Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)  
  • Rapunzel  
  • Stream  
  • The Space Between  
  • Funny the Way It Is  
  • Don't Drink the Water  
  • You and Me  
  • Jimi Thing  
  • The Song That Jane Likes  
  • Crush  
  • Some Devil  
  • Crash Into Me  

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