Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Debut Beatles Cover & More In London


Dave Matthews Band guitarists Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds played their second of two tour-opening shows at Eventim Apollo in London on Tuesday night. Matthews and Reynolds switched up their setlist and debuted a Beatles cover as well as two originals they hadn’t played in the acoustic duo format prior to last night.

The guitarists opened Tuesday’s show with “Little Thing” and then presented the first “Bartender” of the year. Up next was Dave & Tim’s first ever acoustic duo version of “Dreamgirl.” The other big surprise in last night’s first set was the Matthews & Reynolds debut of “Sugar Will.” Tim gave Dave a break towards the end of the set by playing a solo version of “Grab The Bull By The Horns.”

Tuesday’s second set began with “Death On The High Seas” ahead of “Minarets” and “You & Me.” Dave and Tim continued the set with “Black & Blue Bird,” “Jimi Thing” and “Where Are You Going.” The evening’s next cover came in the form of “Worried Man Blues,” a traditional folk song debuted last month in Mexico by Reynolds and Matthews. “The Stone” followed along with Tim’s solo rendition of “Summer Night In December.” Dave & Tim then served up their debut cover of the early Beatles gem “She’s A Woman.” The pair ended the second set with “Rapunzel” and “Dancing Nancies” before returning for an encore of “Oh,” “All Along The Watchtower” and “Crash Into Me.”

Videos (Captured by Jeff Galasso)

[She’s A Woman]

[Sugar Will]


[Worried Man Blues]


[Pretty Bird]


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds at Eventim Apollo

Set 1
  • Little Thing  
  • Bartender  
  • Dreamgirl  
  • Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)  
  • Save Me  
  • Pretty Bird  
  • So Damn Lucky  
  • Grab The Horns By The Bull  
  • Sugar Will  
  • So Much to Say  
  • Tripping Billies  
Set 2
  • Death on the High Seas  
  • Minarets  
  • You & Me  
  • Black and Blue Bird  
  • Jimi Thing  
  • Where Are You Going  
  • Worried Man Blues  
  • The Stone  
  • Summer Night In December  
  • She's a Woman  
  • Rapunzel  
  • Dancing Nancies  
  • Oh  
  • All Along the Watchtower  
  • Crash Into Me  

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