Dave Matthews Band Welcomes Trey Anastasio On This Date In 2001


On May 19, 2001 Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio sat-in with the Dave Matthews Band for the first time in over six years. DMB had brought their Spring/Summer Tour to the one-year-old Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco for the second of two consecutive shows at the home of the Giants which is now known as AT&T Park. Trey came out in the middle of the Dave Matthews Band’s set for a phenomenal “Lie In Our Graves.”

Anastasio went toe-to-toe with DMB fiddle player Boyd Tinsley for a scorching call-and-response segment during the 17+ minute rendition of the Crash track before delivering a beautiful guitar solo. Videographer ChesterCopperpot5 shared the best footage of the sit-in to surface since it went down all those years ago. While it’s still fan-shot video and there are occasional heads that get in the way of the action, it’s well worth checking out:

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