Dave Matthews Band Welcomes Eric Krasno At Madison Square Garden


Dave Matthews Band returned to Madison Square Garden in New York City on Thursday night for their first show at the legendary venue since November 13, 2010. The group’s second performance of the fall was highlighted by guitarist Eric Krasno emerging to jam on “Lie In Our Graves” as part of the main set.

The septet kicked off a two-night stand at The Garden with a slow and throbbing “Seek Up.” DMB then pulled “That Girl Is You” off their 2018 studio album Come Tomorrow and followed “Why I Am” with “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)” from the recently released LP. Tuesday’s tour opener in Columbus featured a handful of rarities and the main set at MSG last night included a number of them such as “Kill The King,” a cover of Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” and the poignant “Sleep To Dream Her.”

Krasno’s guest spot took place towards the middle of Thursday’s set. Eric had previously sat-in with the Dave Matthews Band 20 times between May 14, 2001 and June 9, 2012. Last night was the first time he added to “Lie In Our Graves.” The Brooklyn-based guitarist took an inspired solo and then went back and forth with DMB touring keyboardist Buddy Strong on a call-and-response segment that saw big smiles draped across both musician’s faces. Matthews & Co. went on to end the set with tour debuts of “Typical Situation,” “You & Me” and “You Might Die Trying” broken up by “Funny The Way It Is.” The band closed out the evening with a “What You Are” and “Ants Marching” encore. DMB returns to The Garden tonight. Check out photos by Adam McCullough and fan-shot videos:

Photos by Adam McCullough

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Fan-Shot Videos

Lie In Our Graves (w/ Eric Krasno) Captured by Gregory Marcus

Seek Up Captured by Gregory Marcus

Typical Situation Captured by Mihcael Lores

Kill The King Captured by DogeTubeConcerts

Sleep To Dream Her Captured by tankthearmytank

Setlist (via DMB Almanac)

Set: Seek Up, That Girl Is You, Why I Am, Samurai Cop, Kill The King, #41, Satellite, Again & Again, Sweet Emotion > Minarets, Can’t Stop, Lover Lay Down, Lie In Our Graves (w/ Eric Krasno), Sleep To Dream Her, Typical Situation, Funny The Way It Is, You & Me, You Might Die Trying

Encore: What You Are, Ants Marching

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