Frequency Modulation Edition, Part 1: Datura4, Beans, Silver Scrolls & Pacific Range


Datura4: West Coast Highway Cosmic

Alright, enough beating around the bush, let’s rock goshdarnit! How about some new music that would fit right in on the FM radio, if people still listen to music that way. We’ve actually got enough to fill out two weeks worth, so here’s the first batch and more next week. First up this week is Datura4, an Australian rock band with heavy emphasis on the rock. Their latest, West Coast Highway Cosmic, is full-tilt chug-a-lug perfect for sunny day road trippin’ or nighttime head-bangin’. Dig it!


Beans: All Together Now

Hey, let’s hang out Down Under for a little bit longer, eh mates? From King Gizzard to Courtney Barnett, some of the best rock music is coming out of Australia these days. So why not take a gander at Beans out of the Melbourne area, who circulate in the Gizz orbit and harness that same level of creative guitar-fueled energy in a more restrained form, and is all the better for it. Their sophomore full length, All Together Now is a killer rock album, pushing the boundaries just enough, but tight, driving boogie make-no-mistakes psych rock that’ll take you back to the good old days and then some. Check it out!


Silver Scrolls: Music For Walks

Coming back stateside, have you heard of Silver Scrolls yet? Seems like the two weeks surrounding the release of their debut Music For Walks, their name kept popping up on my “you-should-hear-this” radar. And with good reason! The duo (both members of Polvo) find a nice sweet spot, a little bit of the drum-heavy concept-album flair of The Who combined with more turn-of-the-century Sonic Youth-meets-MMJ feel, two guys making enough sound for four or five. The album is two suites, soundtracking two different walks, a nice head-bobbing flow, deftly combining the forward moment of a determined stroll with the wandering mind psychedelia that often accompanies it. This is the good shit, don’t miss it.


Pacific Range: High Upon The Mountain

Let’s spin that radio dial one more time before closing up shop for the week. Let’s look for an FM station from out West, shall we? Might happen upon the latest from Pacific Range, a California band that’s crafted their own take on their state’s laid back groove rock of yore. Their latest release, High Upon The Mountain, is a glorious ode to their influences: the double guitars of the Allmans, American Beauty-era stony-country Dead, Laurel Canyon cosmic harmonies, all tie-dye swirled to perfection. Friends, I think you’re gonna like this one. Enjoy this week’s set of sweet new rock and roll and we’ll be back next week with another for you.