Dan Bern Mangles Fingers In Snowblower Accident


Acclaimed and prolific singer-songwriter Dan Bern was involved in an accident with a snowblower in New York state yesterday that led to him mangling some of the fingers on his left hand. One of Dan’s friends and mentorees, Colin Priestner, who is also the General Manager of the Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for Bern’s medical bills.

“Earlier today, Dan was involved in an accident with a snowblower that result in him losing the tips of his fingers of his left hand. Obviously, Dan’s career and livelihood depends on having his hands for his guitar, his paintings and raising his daughter, Lulu,” Priestner wrote as part of the text accompanying the GoFundMe campaign. “We won’t know the extent of the surgery until tomorrow, nor the price tag that will be attached to something like this. I can only imagine it could run close to $100,000 USD,” he added.

Those who donate $5,000 will get a personally painted portrait from Bern when he heals and those contributing any amount above $10,000 will get donators a house concert anywhere in North America once Dan is up for it. “But even $40 will help more than you know,” Priestner added.

Head here to read more about the situation or to donate.

[Dan Bern – I’m Not The Guy]