Cover Alert | Umphrey’s McGee Performs Steely Dan’s Peg

In the current pop music environment it’s hard to think of a band like Steely Dan scoring a Top 20 hit, yet in 1978 the single “Peg” reached #11 on Billboard’s U.S. charts. The song, off the band’s legendary Aja LP, is one of the more catchy tunes in the Dan’s repertoire and has been covered by a number of acts over the years including Umphrey’s McGee.

Umphrey’s debuted their take on “Peg” back on December 29, 2010 at The Riviera Theatre in Chicago, IL. The Chicago-based sextet has covered “Peg” a total of nine times over the years with the most recent performance taking place in Birmingham, AL on April 5, 2014. Recently, the band posted pro-shot footage of the “Peg” from Alabama on their YouTube channel and it’s well worth checking out: