Cover Alert | The M&Ms Shine On The Who’s Eminence Front

If you talk to people who have attended a recent The M&M’s performance, most likely the first thing they’ll mention is the band’s phenomenal cover of “Eminence Front.” The group, which consists of Papa Mali, John Medeski, Stanton Moore, Rob Mercurio and backing vocalists, do the classic Who song justice.

[Photo by Rob Chapman]

Papa Mali handles vocals on the band’s potent “Eminence Front,” while the Galactic rhythm section propels the cover and Medeski adds glorious organ and electric piano colors to the mix. Our pal LazyLightning55 captured incredible footage of the “Eminence Front” The M&Ms laid down at Stage 48 in NYC earlier this month and has added audio from taper Scott Bernstein. Take a look: