Cover Alert | My Morning Jacket Cover Bennie & The Jets

One of the many covers My Morning Jacket debuted at their One Big Holiday destination event in Mexico earlier this year was “Bennie & The Jets” by Elton John. Before MMJ started the song, Jim James explained that Ben Bridwell’s parents were listening to the song when they conceived the Band of Horses’ front man. James told the crowd Ben would sing the song, but Bridwell never showed.

[Photo by Dave Vann]

Regardless of Bridwell’s lack of participation, My Morning Jacket absolutely nailed their rendition of Elton’s 1973 smash. Jim James’ voice fits the tune perfectly as it does another Elton John song MMJ has been known to cover -“Rocket Man.” Video of the Louisville rockers’ “Bennie & The Jets” has finally surfaced on YouTube.

Watch My Morning Jacket debut “Bennie & The Jets” thanks to YouTuber YameYims: