Cover Alert | Dawes Covers Warren Zevon

After a recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, musical guests Dawes stuck around at the host’s request to perform a web-exclusive extra song. As explained by Letterman, the subsequent performance featured Dawes joined by guitarist Duane Betts and The CBS Orchestra’s keyboardist Paul Shaffer covering Warren Zevon’s poignant “Desperados Under The Eaves.” 

The song has a special meaning to Letterman, who grew to be friends with Zevon and had him on the late night talk show numerous times before Zevon died in 2003. Letterman explains Zevon asked Dave which of his songs the host would like Zevon to play on his last appearance on the show. Dave details wanting to hear “Desperados Under The Eaves” among several other Zevon tunes but ultimately it wasn’t played. Letterman went on to ask Dawes to perform the track off of Zevon’s self-titled 1976 album, resulting in the video below.

Dawes also performed the song, “Things Happen,” the lead single and first song on their upcoming new albumAll Your Favorite Bands, which will be released June 2 via the group’s Hub Records label.