Cover Alert | Bruce Springsteen Teaches Band Chuck Berry Cover

While Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band couldn’t accurately be labeled a jamband, they do a few things that fall in line with what we love in the jam world -change setlists every night and try new songs/arrangements on the fly knowing that they might not work. As an example, Springsteen decided he wanted to cover Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” at a July 7, 2013 show in Leipzig, Germany, after a fan requested it via a sign. Though his band hadn’t rehearsed the tune, The Boss taught it to them.

A number of pro-shot clips from Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball World Tour have been posted to Bruce’s VEVO page recently. The latest is the Jersey rocker’s take on “You Never Can Tell” from Germany including The Boss teaching the E Street horn section the line to play and figuring out the key: