Cory Wong Launches Archetype Guitar Plugin


Cory Wong teamed with Neural DSP to create a plugin that allows guitarists to replicate his unique sound. Archetype: Cory Wong includes three distinct digital amps as well as multiple effects including a wah pedal that were all “meticulously crafted” with the Vulfpeck guitarist.

“It is hard to think of many artists that have been able to achieve what Vulfpeck and Cory Wong has,” explained Neural CEO Douglas Castro. “The perfect combination of insane talent, fantastic music, and branding genius has taken them from their DIY roots to amassing an internationally revered cult-like fanbase, selling out Madison Square Garden.”


“Cory’s uncompromising standards and borderline unrealistic expectations for perfection provided the challenge we were after,” added Castro. “The result is unlike anything we have done before: an incredibly versatile plugin, designed to offer a wide variety of options for players in search of the perfect clean and edge-of-break-up tones.”

“Neural DSP took my relentless inability to compromise on tone as a challenge,” noted Wong. “There is a depth to Archetype: Cory Wong that I’ve never heard before in a plugin! If you’re looking for a clean sound, whether you’re recording or playing live, this is the plugin for you.”

Head here for a free 14-day trial or to purchase Archetype: Cory Wong. Watch Cory demonstrate the plugin below:

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