Conan O’Brien Makes Fun Of Phish Loving Cue Card Man

By Scott Bernstein Aug 28, 2015 9:40 am PDT

Last night’s episode of Conan on TBS was the show’s second annual “Scrapisode” featuring outtakes and moments from rehearsals. In the middle of the episode Phish came up when Conan O’Brien took cue card man Kent Irwin to task for his devotion to the Vermont jam act.

The scene starts with Andy Richter saying “he has to listen to Phish all the time” in reference to Kent Irwin. Conan asks Kent if he goes to every Phish concert to which Irwin responded “I’ve been to like 160” which garnered groans from the audience. O’Brien then asked “why do you go to Phish concerts all the time?” Kent very quickly fired back “because it’s the best music on the planet.” Conan then brought Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band into the discussion leading Irwin to add “second best!” O’Brien joked, “if you want Jimmy can just play scales and you can twirl around.” Richter quipped, “well he can’t just stay home and take drugs, that would mean he has a problem.” Conan threw in “when you’re spinning with other people you know you’re okay” to which Andy added “then it’s a happening, it’s not just a guy tripping in his living room.”

Watch the scene starting at the 17:35 mark:

Conan is no stranger to the music of Phish as he’s attended shows in the past and welcomed Trey Anastasio to perform with him at the Tower Theater near Philadelphia back in 2010. Phish has been O’Brien’s musical guest in the past and the quartet debuted “Farmhouse” on Late Night in 1997. Watch how that went down:

[Hat Tip – @LawnMemo]

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