The Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson Asks Philadelphia Audience To ‘Shut The Fuck Up’


Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes chided the audience for talking loudly at a recent Brothers Of A Feather show with Rich Robinson. “It would be nice if we could hear ourselves,” the singer told the crowd at the tiny Foundry At The Fillmore in Philadelphia before adding, “So if you could just shut the fuck up a little bit.”

The Brothers Robinson are currently in the middle of an acoustic duo tour of intimate venues. On Friday, they brought the excursion to Philadelphia, where Chris first took the rowdy audience to task after the opening pairing of “Jealous Again” and “Twice As Hard.” Here’s the text of what he said before “Wiser Time”:

It would be nice if we could hear ourselves. So if you could just shut the fuck up a little bit… But that’s cool because it’s like what are we here every fucking week doing this shit? It’s impossible, it’s impossible sometimes to make music when all you hear is that [points out chatty audience member]. So if you could … we’re not gonna be up here for that long, so if you could show us a little respect, we’re happy to see you. It’s a waste of our time to have to stop to ask other people to be polite while we’re performing.

Chris became more upset as the concert continued. He asked the crowd “to get it fucking together” after “Thorn In My Pride” and “Nonfiction.” Here’s some of what Chris said before the brothers performed “Oh Josephine”:

We’re happy to be here but it’s not any fun when we can’t get into it. We can’t get into it when all I can hear is conversations. What’s the point? I really want to know in this day and age of whatever … you’re fucking grown adults and you paid your money, you should pay attention. It’s one guy with a guitar [points at Rich] and me singing. Again, the vibes are so good and everybody’s happy but we have stop because we can’t hear ourselves. Seriously man, get it fucking together or we can play ‘She Talks To Angels’ and fuck off if you want … which would be very punk rock to do that by the way.

Rich had a stoic look and didn’t add anything as his brother was talking. Chris dedicated “Descending” to late Black Crowes keyboardist Ed Harsch and other than that kept the banter to a minimum for the rest of the concert. The pair followed a 12-song set with a cover of Ry Cooder’s “Boommer’s Story” as the encore. Watch video captured by Jim Powers of Chris asking the crowd to stop talking:

Chris Banter, Wiser Time, Thorn In My Pride, Nonfiction


Chris Banter, Oh Josephine


Chris and Rich Robinson at The Foundry at The Fillmore

  • Jealous Again  
  • Twice as Hard  
  • Wiser Time  
  • Thorn in My Pride  
  • Nonfiction  
  • Oh Josephine  
  • Whoa Mule  
  • Hotel Illness  
  • Descending  
  • Soul Singing  
  • She Talks to Angels  
  • Remedy  
  • Boomer's Story
  • Ry Cooder

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