Remembering Chris Cornell: ‘Black Hole Sun’ Isolated Vocals


The late great Chris Cornell sadly took his own life on this date in 2017. Cornell was one of rock’s most talented singer-songwriters, defined not only by his songwriting skill but also by his amazing vocal prowess. His power, range and harmonic sensibilities are showcased in an isolated vocal track of the 1994 Soundgarden classic “Black Hole Sun.”

Few singers can captivate with just their voice, and many singers might cringe at the idea of having an isolated vocal track laid bare for the world to hear. But wherever Chris’s spirit may fly, it’s doubtful he’s doing any cringing. The isolated vocal track for “Black Hole Sun,” is about as close to perfection as a singer can get, buoyed by power and emotion and topped off with choice harmonic placement. Check it out below: