Chicano Batman Releaeses New Album ‘Invisible People’


Chicano Batman‘s new studio album, Invisible People, is out today. The Los Angeles-based band released their new LP through ATO Records.

Shawn Everett engineered and Leon Michaels produced the follow-up to 2017’s Freedom Is Free. Vocalist/keyboardist Bardo Martinez, guitarist Carlos Arévalo, bassist Eduardo Arenas and drummer Gabriel Villa primarily recorded Invisible People at the renowned Barefoot Studios in Hollywood where Parliament-Funkadelic, WAR, Stevie Wonder and others recorded in the 1970s.

“There was definitely something happening with the fact that we were working in that studio, with all the amazing gear and acoustics,” Villa said about working at Barefoot. “You could really feel all the spirits in the room.”


Chicano Batman’s genre-crossing style can be heard across the 12-track Invisible People, which incorporates elements of hip-hop, krautrock, R&B, prog-rock and the Nigerian synth-funk of William Onyeabor. The album was previewed by the singles, “Pink Elephant,” “Blank Slate” and the title track whose lyrics were partly inspired by Ralph Ellison’s novel, Invisible Man.

“Because of where we’re from or where our parents are from, we’re still seen as second-class citizens in this country,” Martinez stated. “Through our whole experience with touring we’ve felt the reality of racism in the South and the West and all over the place; it’s there within the hierarchy of race in the indie-rock world too.”

Stream Invisible People below: