CashOrTrade’s Brando Rich Appears On Under The Scales & Launches Trader’s Protection


The latest episode of Phish lyricist Tom Marshall’s “Under The Scales” podcast features a chat with CashOrTrade co-founder Brando Rich. Brando uses his appearance on the Osiris podcast to announce the launch of the secondary ticketing site’s Trader’s Protection Program.

The new CashOrTrade feature allows users to buy full insurance on their ticket purchases and sales. CashOrTrade’s Gold Members can receive Trader’s Protection, which provides a 100% money-back guarantee, for the same 3% they were previously paying PayPal. This figure is approximately the cost of the company’s credit card processing costs for each transaction. CashOrTrade users who don’t pay the $24 per year to go gold can also purchase Trader’s Protection for 10% of each transaction.

Brando’s chat with Tom on “Under The Scales” begins with Rich recalling the circumstances that led to the founding of CashOrTrade. Rich then gets into the “hoarding” debate about fans who purchase tickets to concerts they don’t actually plan to attend. He also explains his company’s approach to platinum tickets that primary ticketing companies have started to sell. Brando then announces the launch of Trader’s Protection and additional upgrades to the site. Other topics covered are the future of ticketing, CashOrTrade’s partnerships with such artists as Twiddle and Billy Strings and Brando’s history of attending Phish concerts.

Listen to Brando’s appearance on “Under The Scales”: