CashorTrade Launches Marketplace

The new platform is free for both sellers and buyers.

By Andy Kahn Jul 15, 2021 7:30 am PDT

CashorTrade, a secondary market for trading or re-selling face-value tickets, launched the CashorTrade Marketplace. The new e-commerce platform is free for fans, artists, venues, and festivals to sell handmade crafts, merch, and memorabilia.

The CashorTrade Marketplace offers artists and creators the space to host a store and build a following. Stores can be built from scratch or imported from an existing Esty or Shopify account. Sellers are able to collect 100% of the purchase price and shipping costs, CashorTrade collects no transmission fees or commissions.


“CashorTrade Marketplace is the latest development in tools to harness the magic we’ve found in our community and bring fans together,” CoT wrote in a blog post. “It’s an ethical marketplace for fans, by fans. We’ve built tools that make inventory management easy, and give the artists we want to support a place to share their work with more fans. All while bringing the best of our community together.”

CashorTrade Marketplace storefronts are able to send push notifications for updates on products and other news. The storefronts will be featured in email newsletters and on the Marketplace homepage. CashorTrade Gold Members (CashorTrade’s premium paid membership tier) will get access to exclusive discounts and products from Marketplace vendors.

CashorTrade partnered with select sellers who pre-stocked their Marketplace stores. Among those sellers include professional and custom-made concert apparel, CBD products, yoga and pilates equipment, fan merchandise,ive music photography, posters, stickers, jewelry and more. A full list of sellers can be found here.

For more on the CashorTrade Marketplace, read a portion of the announcement below:

CashorTrade had a long COVID year without live music. In March, just as things began shutting down, CashorTrade processed thousands of refunds as the landscape of live music for the year began to take shape. The light use of the platform in the year that followed presented us with a rare opportunity to build new features outside of ticketing. We launched CashorTrade Streams in July 2020, a free streaming platform where artists could create a profile page, upload their content, and gather donations. CashorTrade Streams has since had over 3,000 streams posted and tens of thousands of views. Meanwhile, we began to make plans to launch CashorTrade Marketplace, an e-commerce platform for fans, artists, venues, and festivals to sell handmade crafts, merch, and memorabilia.

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