New Album Andorra Coming This Summer, US Tour in the Fall

Merge Records is thrilled to announce the release of Andorra the new album from Caribou on August 21, 2007. The album will be released in Europe on August 20 (City Slang).

Andorra is the 4th full length from Dan Snaith recording under his Caribou moniker (formerly Manitoba – but that’s a whole ‘nother story). Andorra has more of a full band feel than some of Caribou’s earlier studio efforts. It’s still just Dan in the studio creating his singular magic, but the extensive touring that Caribou did for their last album, The Milk of Human Kindness, definitely left its mark on the arrangements. The sound is more expansive and more blissfully psychedelic than ever.

Dan seems pleased with the results: “I’m super-happy with the way the album has turned out. I’ve put seemingly endless hours into it over the last year or so getting everything exactly as I wanted it and have never been this madly excited about my music. I can’t wait for you all to hear it and hope you’ll like it too.” Andorra Tracklist:
1. Melody Day
2. Sandy
3. After Hours
4. She’s the One *
5. Desiree
6. Eli
7. Sundialing
8. Irene
9. Niobe
“She’s The One” features and was co-written by the Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan.

Merge will be releasing a CDEP of “Melody Day,” the first single from Andorra, on July 10.

Look for Caribou on tour in North America in October and November 2007.