Califone Announces 1st New LP In 7 Years ‘Echo Mine’ & Shares Single


Califone will issue Echo Mine via Jealous Butcher Records on February 21. The Chicago-based band previewed their first full-length record since 2013 by sharing the single “Bandicoot.”

Echo Mine is also the score to a Robyn Mineko Williams-created dance performance that recently premiered. Here’s what Tim Rutili of Califone told Brooklyn Vegan of how the making of Echo Mine was similar to the way they made their 2001 debut album, Roomsound:

The movement and the music started together and grew together, like two clear entities. At times totally intertwined and at other times bouncing off one another, sort of like reflections. But, somehow, always connected and listening.

Ben Massarella, Brian Deck and I worked in a way that felt like a return to home; Brian handling the engineering, electronics, drums and overall sound of the piece, Ben adding percussion, feel, essential textures and colors. I felt like my job was to hover over all of it like a moth. Find melody in everything. Leave openings for everyone to work at the top of their creativity. We made our album, Roomsound, in much the same way (almost 20 years ago). Three of us in the studio – Be humans. Play together as much as possible. A good feel beats perfection every time. Add other musicians to add other voices and other colors, to do the things we can’t do.

Brooklyn Vegan unveiled “Bandicoot,” which is named after “a small marsupial” as per Rutili. “Ben Massarella and Brian Deck made the drum track and had it ready before I got to the studio,” added Tim. “The title came from them. Many of the tracks they make together are named after animals.” Stream “Bandicoot” below:


Echo Mine Tracklist

  1. Romans
  2. Bandicoot
  3. Night Gallery / Projector
  4. Howard St & The Beach Nov 1988 After 11
  5. Flawed Gtr
  6. Echo Mine
  7. Carlton Says: Find It. It’s Still There
  8. Snow Angel V1
  9. By The Time The Starlight Reaches Our Eyes
  10. Snow Angel V2

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