Budos Band To Unleash Burnt Offering Album In October

It’s been four years since the hard-hitting instrumental band from Staten Island, The Budos Band, released The Budos Band III. We’ve been waiting on word from the band about what would be next and today is the day we’ve found out. The Budos Band will release Burnt Offering on October 21.

The band self-produced the new album, which they see as a departure from their first three studio efforts. “This isn’t The Budos Band IV,” announced drummer Brian Profilio in a statement. “This isn’t just more of the same.” Burnt Offering is said to feature ten tracks that according to the band, “employ heavy doses of continent-spanning psychedelic rock to beckon the occult and conjure the supernatural.” Sounds good to us!

Burnt Offering marks the first time the band hasn’t used an outside producer. “We had arrived at a different place sonically and needed see it through completely ourselves,” explained baritone saxophonist Jared Tankel. “We know exactly where we’re at,” said Profilio. “We didn’t want to have to explain ourselves if we were in pursuit of a specific sound or vibe.”

Next up for The Budos Band is a series of Midwest dates. Tonight, the group visits Minneapolis followed by shows in Madison, WI tomorrow night and in Chicago on Saturday night.