Bruce Hornsby Sat-In With Jerry Garcia Band 24 Years Ago Today


Twenty-four years ago today pianist Bruce Hornsby made his lone appearance with the Jerry Garcia Band, when he joined the Grateful Dead frontman’s solo group at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia. Hornsby, who had been a temporary member of the Grateful Dead for over a year at that point, sat-in on the entire show. Thankfully for us three different video sources of JGHornsB circulate and YouTuber LoloYodel has combined them with soundboard audio for a fantastic document of what went down at The Mothership on November 9, 1991.

Bruce Hornsby typically plays grand piano, but on this night used what he has described as a “bootleg keyboard.” Hornsby’s skills come through despite having to rely on an artificial piano sound. You could always count on Bruce to egg Jerry on during this period at Grateful Dead shows and the same applied to his JGB experience as Garcia is in fine voice and delivers a few blistering solos. “I loved playing with the Garcia Band because it was just a different musical setting. It wasn’t quite as exploratory – it was more about the songs themselves,” the keyboardist told PhilZone about his experience 24 years ago tonight.

JGB and Hornsby tear through a setlist that featured some of the best songs in the band’s repertoire including “Run For The Roses,” “Don’t Let Go,” “Midnight Moonlight” and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.” Thanks to all involved in letting us re- live this wonderful night in Garcia history. Watch video of the entire show broken up by set:

Video Tracklist & Timings:

  • 0:18 How Sweet It Is (3 cam)
  • 7:45 He Ain’t Give You None (3 cam)
  • 17:59 You Never Can Tell (3 cam)
  • 27:29 Run for the Roses (3 cam)
  • 33:22 Drove Old Dixie Down (3 cam)
  • 43:19 I Second That Emotion (3 cam)
  • 53:14 My Sisters And Brothers (3 cam)
  • 57:48 Ain’t No Bread in the Bread Box (2 cam) as “video2” is virtually non- existant

Video Tracklist & Timings:

  • 0:13 Bright Side of the Road (2 cam, 80% Lazy Cow)
  • 7:51 Shining Star (2 cam)
  • 21:59 Waiting for a Miracle (99% Lazy Cow)
  • 29:41 Band intro & Think (2 cam)
  • 40:48 I Shall Be Released (2 cam, 80% Lazy Cow)
  • 51:32 Don’t Let Go (2 cam)
  • 1:07:38 Midnight Moonlight (95% Lazy Cow)
  • 1:14:47 encore: Wonderful World (100% Lazy Cow)

[Note: Lazy Cow is one of the sources used]

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