Brendan Bayliss Covers Dave Matthews Band, Taylor Swift, Radiohead & More On ‘Wine Not?’


Brendan Bayliss resumed his Wine Not? livestream series on Friday. The Umphrey’s McGee guitarist offered up covers from Dave Matthews Band, Taylor Swift, Radiohead and more.

Bayliss, who upgraded his audio with both vocal and guitar mics with aid from current UM manager and former FOH sound engineer Kevin Browning, began the set with his most played Spotify song, Christopher Cross’ Grammy-winning tune “Sailing.” Brendan then headed into UM’s “Puppet String” ahead of James Taylor’s “Fire And Rain,” Wang Chung’s “Dance Hall Days” and returned to Umphrey’s with “Gone For Good.” Next, Annie Bayliss joined in to sing Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” containing a Fleetwood Mac “Landslide” quote, which the husband and wife duo have covered for Wine Not? before. Bayliss friend, neighbor and frequent Wine Not? collaborator T-Bird then joined in on harmonica for UM’s “You & You Alone.” T-Bird picked up the bass while another friend, neighbor and collaborator Pat Muldoon joined on guitar to help BB on Sublime’s “Santeria” with Annie hopping in on vocals and Brendan changing the “heina” lyric to to “Annie.”

T-Bird would then show off his multi-instrumentalist skills, playing both harmonica and bass while Bayliss and Muldoon held down guitar for U2’s “Trip Through Your Wires.” Muldoon would stay on guitar for Umphrey’s “Hourglass” and Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees.” Brendan then went it alone for DMB’s “Pay For What You Get,” which saw him playing his new Fender “Acoustasonic” guitar which he unveiled around the announcement for Shitty Limo’s upcoming holiday livestream.

The Commodores’ “Nightshift” sung by Annie Bayliss with Muldoon on bass came next. As nature called for members of the crew, Muldoon and Bayliss messed around with A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It” (played on the stereo as Brendan appeared for the stream) which samples the iconic bass line from Lou Reed’s “Take A Walk On The Wild Side,” played by Muldoon. Annie joined back in to help BB on the Cat Stevens classic “Father & Son” before Brendan headed over the piano for The Beatles’ “Sexy Sadie.” Bayliss stayed on the piano for Supertramp’s “Take The Long Way Home” with Muldoon on bass and T-Bird on the song’s signature harmonica. BB kept it at the piano while Muldoon switched to guitar and Annie Bayliss helped sing Guns ‘N’ Roses “Patience” to close out the stream.

Watch Brendan Bayliss’ entire December 4 Wine Not livestream below:

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Set: Sailing > Puppet String, Fire And Rain, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Dance Hall Days > Gone For Good, Blank Space [1], You & You Alone [2], Santeria [1][3], Trip Through Your Wires [2][3], Hourglass [4] > Fake Plastic Trees [4], Pay For What You Get, Nightshift [1][5], Father & Son [1], Sexy Sadie [6], Take The Long Way Home [2][5][6], Patience [1][4][6]


  • [1] with Annie Bayliss on vocals
  • [2] with T-Bird on harmonica
  • [3] with T-Bird on bass and Pat Muldoon on guitar
  • [4] with Pat Muldoon on guitar
  • [5] with Pat Muldoon on bass
  • [6] Brendan on piano
  • Blank Space with Landslide quote
  • Can I Kick It/Walk On The Wild Side quote before Father & Son
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