Brandi Carlile & Stephen Colbert Honor John Prine On ‘The Late Show’

By Scott Bernstein Apr 9, 2020 6:41 am PDT

Brandi Carlile served as the musical guest on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Host Stephen Colbert discussed his love and appreciation for John Prine as well as his relationship with the beloved singer-songwriter who died on Tuesday before introducing Carlile’s own tribute to John Prine.

An emotional Stephen Colbert recalled getting to know John Prine’s music through a mix tape his then-girlfriend and now-wife sent to him that started with Prine’s “Paradise.” Colbert learned the song on guitar so he could play it for her over the telephone, as the pair lived in different cities. “I learned to know John Prine, I got to meet him, I interviewed him, I sang a song for him with John Dickerson, I sang a song with him which I think some of y'all have seen,” Stephen Colbert added before discussing Prine’s appearances on The Late Show including one with Brandi Carlile and Sturgill Simpson in 2018.

Carlile performed “Hello In There” from John Prine’s self-titled 1971 debut studio album. “There’s so many amazing and powerful messages that John Prine has left the world and people that weren’t familiar with his music are about to get a whole lot of truth dropped on them,” Brandi said from her Washington home. “I think this is a song that John would have liked me to sing because this song refers to the people we’re all staying home to protect and it reminds us that older people aren’t expendable. That they made us who we are and have given us every single thing that we have.”

Brandi noted John was just 24 when he wrote “Hello In There” but even then he understood the value of the elderly and what he could learn from older people. Watch Carlile’s performance of “Hello In There” below:

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