Brad Barr Shares ‘Two Hundred And Sixteen’ Single

Watch the video for the latest single off his upcoming 'The Winter Mission' solo album.

By Scott Bernstein Jan 19, 2022 1:44 pm PST

Brad Barr of The Slip and The Barr Brothers unveiled the new single “Two Hundred And Sixteen,” which arrived along with an accompanying video. The song is one of 12 tracks featured on his upcoming solo instrumental album, The Winter Mission.

The Winter Mission is set for release this Friday, January 21 via Secret City Records. Barr prepped the material on the follow-up to his 2008 solo debut The Fall Apartment for New York City’s All For One Theater upon being commissioned by its Artistic Director, Michael Wolk. The guitarist wrote, recorded and produced The Winter Mission while the pandemic led to a pause in touring. Brad Barr previously previewed The Winter Mission with single “Ancient Calendars.”

Barr recruited his wife, Brigitte Henry, to direct and film the “Two Hundred And Sixteen” single. “One of the most rewarding aspects of releasing this record is the opportunity to collaborate again with my wife, multi-media artist Brigitte Henry, who designed the cover art for this new album,” Brad explained. “Her touch is unmistakable and has played an important role in the Montreal arts and music community for the last two decades. Her process is always about discovering a new analogue approach to explore and reveal the mysteries of the natural world. So when she suggested that, for this video, we take a walk in the forest with a cluster of old audio tape, a piece of string, and a flying camera, I put my boots on.”

“For me, the song ‘Two Hundred And Sixteen’ is the centerpiece of the album,” added Barr. “It contains all the themes and tenor that I set out to impart. The video was shot in Sutton, QC in the fall of 2021. Brigitte was really able to convey the gauche, Arcadian ramble that characterizes this song. And I think I did a pretty good in my role as man-beast walking alone in the forest following a thread towards the secret world of mystic numerology. We hope you enjoy watching.”

Watch Brad Barr’s “Two Hundred And Sixteen” video below:

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