The Slip Releases ‘Superterranean Onlyness’ Single

Hear The Slip’s new Steve Albini-engineered track.

By Nate Todd Nov 5, 2021 3:32 pm PDT

The Slip released a single, “Superterranean Onlyness,” their first new original music in 15 years. The trio is working on the follow up to their 2006 album, Eisenhower, and are set to embark on their first tour in a decade.

The Slip consists of guitarist Brad Barr, drummer Andrew Barr and bassist Marc Friedman. Since The Slip went on hiatus in 2012, Brad and Andrew have been performing in their Montreal-based project The Barr Brothers. In Montreal, an opportunity arose to work with renowned engineer Steve Albini, which would lead to the new single.

JamBase’s David Onigman recently chatted with Brad Barr in the latest episode of The JamBase Podcast where Barr detailed the process that led to “Superterranean Onlyness.” Read excerpts from the interview below:

About three years ago, maybe four years ago, a friend of ours up here in Montreal, Howard Bilerman, who runs Hotel2Tango…he called us and said ‘Steve Albini is in town…would you like to record with him in the studio?’ The Barr Brothers had just finished Queens Of The Breakers so we were sort of tapped, there was nothing urgent we felt like going into the studio with The Barr Brothers but we thought ‘why don’t we do a Slip thing, why don’t we get Marc up here?’

So that’s what we did. Marc came up and for two days we tracked with Steve Albini. One day tracking and the next day mixing. He did it all to tape. The computer was off, there was no computer to monitor or computer on at any time. Eventually, we transferred it to Pro Tools…and we opened up the file last month and started finishing up one of the tunes we did with him.

I won’t say too much about it. It’s probably gonna sound much different than what Slip fans are used to. But it was one of the songs that was on the table at the time and I really like it. It’s super fun, I think it’s got a great sound. Steve Albini’s touch, it’s like having a chef make you a meal just using salt and pepper and whatever protein he’s using and it’s one of the best tasting things.

Listen to “Superterranean Onlyness” below:

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