Boyd Tinsley Of Dave Matthews Band Talks Charlottesville Violence With CNN


Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley appeared on CNN this afternoon to talk about the violence that broke out this past weekend in Charlottesville. While the DMB is currently on hiatus, the band was formed in Charlottesville and issued a collective statement on Saturday.

CNN Brooke Baldwin chatted with Tinsley about the events in his hometown. “I’ve been upset since it happened. I was coming back to Charlottesville and I was at the airport and just watching it go down on T.V. I was in absolute shock,” Boyd said. “I’ve never seen anything like this before and this is the most unlikely place to have something like this because Charlottesville is such a diverse community. People here just love each other, everywhere you go people are waving at you saying hello,” Tinsley added. “To see all this ugliness and hatred right here in the middle of our town that really got me. It got me angry and it’s gotten everyone in this community angry.”

Boyd talked about his surprise at the events that transpired, “To see something like this…people are compelled to come down and say ‘no, you can’t be here, this is our city, we don’t believe in this.’ All the people that came down to this, they were not from here none of these people were from here. This is not Charlottesville, this is not what we’re about. This is about a bunch of outsiders coming here to try to create some publicity for themselves.”

Tinsley took the high road when asked about the delay in President Trump’s response. “Brooke, I don’t have any comment on what the President does. Everybody does, it’s not that I don’t have an opinion, I just have no comment.”

Watch Boyd’s interview: