Bonerama & Michael McDonald Share Allen Toussaint Tribute ‘Empty World’


New Orleans trombone-based funk group Bonerama teamed up with legendary keyboardist and composer Michael McDonald on “Empty World.” The song is a tribute to the late great Allen Toussaint. Bonerama bandleader and songwriter Mark Mullins penned the song on the day Toussaint died in 2015.

“I was pretty much devastated when I heard the news of Allen’s passing. His influence on me as a musical hero, arranger, composer, producer is immeasurable,” Mullins said in a statement. Mullins went on to elaborate on Toussaint’s immense talent and influence:

I think of the seemingly effortless ability he brought to the process: brilliant ideas to song to arrangement, artist recruitment, recording, mixing, completing a song, and repeating the process to make a collection of songs. Then, he excelled at the behind the scenes business artistry of bringing these songs to the masses. A whole other art. It’s an astounding series of hurdles to clear and he made it look easy. If any of those steps don’t come together perfectly along the way, the song likely becomes lost, and virtually no one will hear it or remember it. Allen Toussaint’s contributions to New Orleans music are simply unparalleled in what one person has done to make the genre what it is today. For us, as New Orleans musicians, wanna-be role models, and fans, we wanted to make this as special as we could for him, and all of the legends that are so rapidly leaving this world, in what is feeling like, to me, an Empty World.

Listen to “Empty World” below:

Check out a video for the tune below: