It Ain’t Me Babe: Bob Dylan Publisher Apologizes For Selling Phony Autographed Copies Of New Book

Buyers convened online and deduced the limited edition copies of Dylan's new book were not hand-signed.

By Nate Todd Nov 22, 2022 1:46 pm PST

Limited edition copies of Bob Dylan’s new book, The Philosophy Of Modern Song, marketed and sold as being hand-signed by the legendary singer-songwriter actually contain signatures created using autopen. The book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, acknowledged the signatures were created using mechanical means on Sunday and stated that those who purchased the books for $599 will receive “immediate refunds.”

It was purchasers of among the 900 “hand-signed” limited edition copies that sniffed out the autopen signatures not long after receiving the books on Friday. Buyers immediately began swapping photographs online and the general consensus was that there were 17 signature variations being used, with many purchasers comparing notes on a page devoted to the situation hosted on Autograph Live, as Variety reported.

Buyers of the limited edition copies received a letter from Simon & Schuster president and CEO Jonathan Karp attesting that the books were hand-signed.

“You hold in your hands something very special, one of just 900 copies available in the U.S. This letter is confirmation that the copy of the book you hold in your hand has been hand-signed by Bob Dylan.”

Even after receiving complaints, Simon & Schuster maintained that the autographs were hand-signed.

“We certainly understand any concerns you may have, however – Each individual copy of the limited signed edition of Bob Dylan’s THE PHILOSOPHY OF MODERN SONG was personally signed by the author and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the publisher of Simon & Schuster.”

But as evidence piled up, Simon & Schuster backpedaled.

“We apologize for the mistake that was made and are offering a full refund of your purchase. Please keep your copy of ‘The Philosophy of Modern Song’ at no cost. We hope you will enjoy reading it.”

While the autopen signed copies are certainly not worth the $6,000 the books were reported as initially being sold for on eBay by flippers, the rest of the content in the book penned by the Nobel Laureate has received mostly favorable reviews.

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