Billy Strings Shares ‘Enough To Leave’ Video

By Scott Bernstein Feb 10, 2020 10:26 am PST

Billy Strings released the official video for “Enough To Leave.” The song is one of 14 featured on his 2019 album, Home. Strings and his band were recently announced as among the openers for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit‘s extensive 2020 tour.

“I had just lost a friend that I had gone to elementary school with to a heroin overdose,” Strings said of “Enough To Leave” to American Songwriter. “And then a few days later, I lost another friend the same way. When I got home from off the road, I was thinking about them. I got bummed out about it and I just sat down and wrote that song.”


“It was all ready to be poured out. Because I was really feeling it and I didn’t know what else to do,” added Billy. “I was thinking about my buddies. And I was all alone, so I was pretty much writing the song directly to them, almost like looking up to the skies.”

Watch the “Enough To Leave” video below:

Billy Strings also discussed touring with Isbell during his American Songwriter interview. “It’s exciting. I really love his music. He’s a fantastic guitar player. And so I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to geek out and play guitars together,” noted Strings. “The first song that really turned me on by him is ‘Elephant.’ It’s so sad and it’s so amazing the picture that he paints with those words. The whole cancer thing. It’s weird how you can put something like that into a song and you an get so attached to it. Maybe you have lost someone to cancer, or in the case of ‘Enough To Leave’, to an overdose or something like that. It immediately brings you back to when you were feeling all that. It’s hard sometimes but it’s really a good thing. That’s the magic of music that it’s able to do that. It’s almost like time travel or transporting you to another era of when you were feeling a particular thing.” Head to American Songwriter for more from Billy about “Enough To Leave.”


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