Bill Nershi Provides Health Update Ahead Of Lockn’ Festival

This past Sunday The String Cheese Incident played without guitarist/vocalist Bill Nershi at the Oregon Eclipse Festival. Nershi provided an update on his health and confirmed he will indeed join his band mates at Lockn’ on Thursday.

Bill’s note indicates he came down with “benign positional vertigo” in which he was struck with a sensation “things were moving when they weren’t.” Nershi saw a hearing specialist and now he is “good to go.” The String Cheese Incident trade off main stage sets with Umphrey’s McGee at the opening day of the 2017 Lockn’ Festival in Arrington, Virginia tomorrow.

Here’s the full text of the statement from Nershi:

Hi everyone,

Okay, here’s the skinny. I had benign positional vertigo (BPV). Crystals in a cavity in my inner ear had dislodged themselves somehow, causing the sensation that things were moving when they weren’t. I went to a hearing specialist that used a technique of having me lay back and move my head from side to side and use this vibrating thing against my head to get the crystals to gravitate back into the proper cavity. He said there is now absolutely no danger in flying. I am good to go!!!! See ya at Lockn’ this weekend!

Thanks everyone for your concern and good vibes,


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