Big Gigantic Announces New Album & Shares Single Featuring Jennifer Hartswick


Colorado livetronica duo Big Gigantic have announced the upcoming release of their fifth studio album. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken have recruited many guests to join them on Brighter Future, which is due out on August 26.

In addition to announcing the album, Big G. have shared a new single, “Got The Love” featuring Jennifer Hartswick. The pair first teased the project will the release of previous singles “C’mon” featuring GRiZ and “The Little Things” featuring Angela McCluskey. These three singles as well as “Miss Primetime,” their collboration alongside NOLA rapper Pell are available now as instant grats with all pre-orders of Brighter Future. The LP contains 13 tracks that are said to “blend the duo’s signature electronic production alongside live instrumentation, plus a massive lineup of collaborators including Waka Flocka Flame, Logic, Pell, Rozes, Hartswick, Cherub and more.”

Listen to “Got The Love” featuring Jennifer Hartswick:

Read what Dominic Lalli had to say about the new LP:

A Brighter Future.

These words vaulted themselves into my mind one day in a moment when I was feeling like I was unsure of myself, unsure of what exactly I was doing with my life and unsure about humanity and the volatile state of the world we live in today. As human beings, we all have low points in our lives where we question everything and are truly shown how shocking and just plain difficult the world can be. But at the same time, our high times wouldn’t be as extraordinary without the low times giving us a grand perspective on our lives and the world around us.

As I sit here and write this, so many things in the world as we know it are more beautiful and incredible than we’ve ever known. At the same time, so many things in the world are worse than we’ve ever seen in my lifetime. So much fear, anger, hate, insecurity, confusion and outright evil at its most boiling point. The list goes on and on. Human beings are fighting each other on so many different fronts, and in so many different ways, its honestly hard to keep up these days.

Music is a universal language where, no matter where you are from or what language you speak, everyone can feel moved by a song or a melody. Moved to tears without a word, a smile without seeing a thing, chills from head to toe without moving an inch of your body. We can express so many emotions through the language of music and i feel like its a neutral place in our world where people can come together and get on the same level emotionally no matter what their background is.

I think now more than ever, we need to come together and work towards a Brighter Future for us, for our children and for the human race as a whole. Every single human on this earth, no matter race, skin color, religion or any other difference, bleeds the same color blood. There are so many ways to turn things around by spreading positivity, love, acceptance and understanding. Love yourself, love those around you and be kind. We need each other more than ever and we need to stick together, work together and unite with each other to bring a Brighter Future to our world today.

Much love,


Brighter Future Tracklist

  • 1. Odyssey Pt. 1
  • 2. The Little Things (Feat. Angela McCluskey)
  • 3. Miss Primetime (Feat. Pell)
  • 4. C’mon (Feat. GRiZ)
  • 5. All Of Me (Feat. Logic and Rozes)
  • 6. Got The Love (Feat. Jennifer Hartswick)
  • 7. Highly Possible (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
  • 8. I’ve Gotta Know (Feat. Jennifer Hartswick)
  • 9. No Apologies (Feat. Natalie Cressman)
  • 10. Bring The Funk Back
  • 11. Wide Open (Feat. Cherub)
  • 12. Brighter Future (Feat. Naaz)
  • 13. Long Time Coming

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