Ben Sollee & Jordon Ellis Release ‘Infowars’ Collaborative Album


After four years cellist Ben Sollee has finally released a new full-length studio album. Sollee has teamed with longtime collaborator, drummer Jordon Ellis to issue Infowars. The LP has just been made available on streaming services Spotify and Bandcamp.

The pair combine their creativity and virtuosity to generate a sound bigger than their individual parts in the spirit of power duos such as The Black Keys and The Benevento/Russo Duo. “Listening to this record is like looking through a scrapbook or reading a diary. Jordon and I stitched together audio memories from our years on the road to inspire new sounds and ideas,” Sollee said. Ellis added, “Together, Ben and I have been a part of countless shows and projects over the years, but have never had the chance to sit down in the studio, dig in, and create a new record as just a duo. This record embodies a unique sonic and musical aesthetic that has been bouncing around in our brains for years, and that we have really wanted to get out and onto a project.”

Take a listen to Infowars, which is also available on CD: