Beirut Shares ‘Fyodor Dormant’ Single

Listen to the latest preview of the upcoming ‘Artifacts’ anthology.

By Andy Kahn Jan 5, 2022 11:58 am PST

Beirut (Zach Condon) released “Fyodor Dormant,” the latest single off the forthcoming Artifacts anthology. The double album arrives on January 28 through Condon’s Pompeii Records.

Condon prepared the 26-track compilation from recordings dating back to when he was just 14-years-old. The collection contains early Beirut EPs and other initial works, singles and additional rarities and B-Sides. Condon previously shared the singles “Fisher Island Sound” and “So Slowly.”

Regarding the B-Side “Fyodor Dormant,” Condon stated:

“I don’t know if people who hear most of my music would know immediately how much I loved synthesizers as a teenager. I saw them as a welcome escape from the then electric-guitar-dominated music of the States and the UK, before I was exposed to the broader spectrum of music outside of these narrow walls. I still sneak synths in around the corners of most albums, sometimes heavily, sometimes subtly. I now have access to some beautiful and unique analog systems, but back then, I had a barely functioning, shared-by-the-whole-house PC with a pirated copy of fruity loops, and I wanted to make music that could make me get off the wall and move a little, at least in my imagination.

“I was an often lonely and isolated teenager and rarely if ever found friends as obsessive and similar-minded about music as myself, so starting a band always ended up seeming more or less out of the question. This was my first experience being able to arrange for all parts with ease, and starting to craft sounds from simple wave shapes into something with character was an exciting endeavor that I still enjoy. It was on songs like this one that I started adding the acoustic instruments back into the mix, using a piano that was moved into the house that I fell in love with, and my dear companion the trumpet. It was from about this time at 16 years of age and on that I slowly began to shed the training wheels of the computer program and wander deeper and deeper into the unknown sonic territory of Farfisa organs, accordions and ukuleles.”

Stream “Fyodor Dormant” off the upcoming Beirut album, Artifacts below:

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