Bahamas Announce New Album ‘Sad Hunk’ & Share Single


Bahamas returns with the 11-track Sad Hunk studio album on October 9 through Brushfire Records. The project masterminded by Afie Jurvanen previewed the LP by premiering its lead single, “Own Alone.”

Jurvanen is joined by guitarist Christine Bougie, drummer Don Kerr, bassist Mike O’Brien and vocalist Felicity Williams on the follow-up to 2018’s Earthtones. Robbie Lackritz handled production duties. Sad Hunk also features newcomer Sam Weber on guitar, whom Alfie discovered on YouTube. “I sort of had a musical crush on Sam, so I invited him to open for us a few years ago and we ended up hitting it off,” explained Jurvanen. “I asked him to come out and record with us without even knowing what I wanted him to play, which is generally how I like to work with people: I always think it’s so much more interesting when you let them find their way into the songs on their own.”

“I think I’m always trying to get closer and closer to the source, like the way old blues albums were made—there’s no production; all the emotion you’re hearing is just the players, the room, the song,” Jurvanen said of the approach taken on Sad Hunk. “It’s almost like a photograph as opposed to a painting, where if you don’t like the color of a certain flower in the garden, you change it. I want you to hear every word I’m saying and take in the song and make it your own.”

Lead single “Own Alone” came from Jurvanen’s observance of how people have changed since mobile phones became ubiquitous. Stream “Own Alone” below:

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