The Avett Brothers Mine Repertoire For Rarities To Open Brooklyn Run

Watch the group dust off “Winter In My Heart” and “Fisher Road To Hollywood” on Thursday at Kings Theatre.

By Scott Bernstein Nov 4, 2022 8:41 am PDT

The Avett Brothers had a number of surprises in store for their Thursday night concert in Brooklyn. Scott Avett and Seth Avett dug deep into their catalog during the band’s first of three nights at Kings Theatre, which featured a trio of 2022 debuts.

“Long Story Short” off 2019’s Closer Than Together saw action for just its 11th performance to kick off the show and run. The group stuck with Closer Than Together for “Bleeding White” and then looked to 2009’s I And Love And You for “The Perfect Space” and “Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise.”

A run of staples was followed by the evening’s first bust out, “Winter In My Heart.” The cut from 2012’s The Carpenter was last played on September 3, 2017 as per Oldies “Distraction #74” and “Will You Return?” were then paired with True Sadness standout “I Wish I Was.”

The concert rolled on with The Avett Brothers traveling the “Fisher Road To Hollywood” for the first time in over three years. Last night marked the band’s first live performance of the True Sadness track since August 22, 2019. The evening’s third and final 2022 debut, “Hard Worker,” followed the ensuing “The D Bag Rag.” Next up was “February Seven” before the group closed the set with a sequence of “Slight Figure Of Speech,” “Ain’t No Man” and “I And Love And You.”

Thursday’s encore began with “C-Sections And Railway Trestles.” Next up was The Avett Brothers’ recently revived Merle Haggard cover, “Ramblin’ Fever.” The tender “No Hard Feelings” brought the night to an end.

Watch The Avetts break out “Winter In My Heart” and “Fisher Road To Hollywood” below:

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Set: Long Story Short, Bleeding White, The Perfect Space, Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise, Paranoia In Bb Major, The Ballad Of Love And Hate, Satan Pulls The Strings, Live And Die, Talk On Indolence, Winter In My Heart, Distraction #74, Will You Return?, I Wish I Was, Fisher Road To Hollywood, The D Bag Rag, Hard Worker, February Seven, Slight Figure Of Speech, Ain’t No Man, I And Love And You

Encore: C-Sections And Railway Trestles, Ramblin’ Fever, No Hard Feelings

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