Assembly Of Dust Releases Found Sound II

Roots-jam act Assembly Of Dust have just unveiled the second installment of their Found Sound series of archival releases. Found Sound II contains an official recording of the band’s June 21, 2013 show at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT. 320kbps and FLAC downloads are available with purchasers able to pick the price they want to pay.

Throughout 2014 the band will release high quality remastered recordings of their favorite shows over the years, along with some rarities and other ‘hidden tracks.’ “The Found Sound series is designed to reflect what we ourselves as a band consider worthy of a listener’s time and energy. Most of our shows are up on via our fans or tapers, not all of which we would consider sonically ideal or offering the best performances. This gives us a chance to present what we think is the best of what AOD has done over the 10-plus years that we’ve been doing it,” bassist John Leccese tells JamBase about the release. Leccese adds, “We chose the Infinity Hall show because the venue has a lot of history -Mark Twain performed there -and we felt that in our performance that night. And I personally really enjoyed Adam’s playing.”

Speaking of Leccese, both he and AOD’s Reid Genauer will perform at the Wetlands 25th Anniversary Galas next weekend. Leccese, who played the iconic Wetlands numerous times, is excited to honor the legacy of the historic NYC club, “The Wetlands is the place where we all cut our teeth, so it holds a unique place in the hearts of many bands and fans alike. We’re honored to be a part of the celebration and it may mean that the days of playing at the Wetlands until the sun came up were well worth it.”

Here’s the tracklist for Found Sound II:

01. Bootlegger’s Advice
02. Paul Henry
03. Telling Sue
04. Myth of Mine
05. All That I Am Now
06. Honest Hour
07. Edges
08. Sinner
09. Arkansas Down
10. Little by Little
11. Cold Coffee
12. Sun Shot
13. Crest of My Wing *
14. 40 Reasons *
15. Love Junky
16. Valhalla
17. Rachel
18. Man With a Plan

* Reid solo-acoustic