Arcade Fire Set To Issue New Album This Year & Likely To Tour In Support


Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara has revealed the band has completed a new album. According to Gara, the group will reportedly also tour extensively in support of what would be their fifth studio album.

Arcade Fire last issued the full length Reflektor in 2013. As noted by Arcade Fire Tube, Gara told Red Bull (Poland) that the new album was expected to come out this year. Here’s the portion of the interview with Gara regarding the album and potential tour (via Google translation):

Red Bull (Poland): Have you chosen already the order of the songs on the new album Arcade Fire?

Gara: (Laughs) No, not yet, but they are all recorded. The album should be out this year. We are still at the stage of mixing and decide which songs will come at all on the record, because we made them a little more than we need. But we’re almost done. I do not know when it will come, I hope that soon. I know we’re a popular band, but we hold to keep the same principle: record until we feel that the music is ready.

Red Bull (Poland): In that case you would not want to go on a long tour?

Gara: Of course. Unfortunately, this is difficult, because Arcade Fire, for obvious reasons, is a very important part of my plans and is in addition quite mysterious(Laughs) I do not know where we play, I do not know when we start, or when we finish. From my perspective, it looks like the Arcade Fire [tour] begins in April and ends somewhere around April 2019.

On January 27 Arcade Fire will issue the live concert film The Reflektor Tapes / Live At Earls Court on DVD and BluRay. Watch a preview of the release of Arcade Fire’s Earls Court performance of “Reflektor”:

[Hat Tip – Consequence Of Sound]


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