Aqueous Shares ‘Warren In The Window’ From Denver As ‘Jam Of The Week’


Aqueous recently launched a Jam Of The Week audio series by sharing their cover of “Synchronicity II” by The Police last week. This week’s installment features a 15+ minute version of the original “Warren In The Window” from their February 17th performance at Cervantes in Denver.

The show brought the Colorado portion of Aqueous’ tour with Big Something to a close. JamBase contributor Tyler Hypnarowski reviewed the concert and noted, “The highlight from the first part of the set belonged to ‘Warren In The Window,’ one of the band’s best vehicles for explorative jamming. After sitting in a nice pocket groove for about five minutes, guitarist Dave Loss took the reigns with a scorching solo as drummer Rob Houk kept up with him the entire time. It was game on from there.”

“I love when we’re in these languid pockets of groove when we improvise, and [bassist] Evan [McPhaden] and Rob really lock in together — it’s an ebb and flow thing. ‘Warren in the Window’ from last week’s Denver show has that vibe going on big time, and Dave really gets after it on the solo, too,” said guitarist Mike Gantzer. Future installments will be shared each Friday at 11 a.m. ET. Head here to download the whole show via

Listen to the Denver “Warren In The Window” below:


Set: Kitty Chaser (Explosions), Realize Your Light > Warren in the Window, Welcome to Paradise1, Numbers and Facts, Don’t Do It > Mice > Don’t Do It, Rosanna2 3

Encore: Uncle Phil’s Parachute > Short People4 > Uncle Phil’s Parachute

  • 1 ft Mikey Carrubba of Turkuaz
  • 2 , ft Nick MacDaniels, Jesse Hensley, Josh Kagel, Ben Vinogard, and Casey Cranford of BIG Something
  • 3 Toto cover, Aqueous debut
  • 4 Instrumental

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