Aqueous Delivers ‘Nick Toons’ Halloween Show In Brooklyn: Pro-Shot Video

By Scott Bernstein Nov 1, 2018 12:05 pm PDT

Buffalo-based jam quartet Aqueous fit songs from Nickelodeon cartoons into their Halloween show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn last night. Guitarist Mike Gantzer was dressed as Quailman from Doug, multi-instrumentalist Dave Loss was dressed as Chuckie from Rugrats, bassist Evan McPhaden was dressed as Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life and drummer Rob Houk was dressed as Ren from Ren & Stimpy. Videographer MKDevo shared and streamed pro-shot video from Aqueous’ “Nick Toons” concert.

Aqueous kicked off the festivities by debuting a cover of “Killer Tofu” from the show Doug. The band then plucked the recently debuted “Realize Your Light” from their new Color Wheel album before grooving on classic “The Median.” Next, the foursome worked the theme from Catdog into the beloved original “Don’t Do It.” And fittingly, “Split The Difference” was split by the theme songs to Rocko’s Modern Life and Rugrats to end the first set.

Last night’s second set began with a sequence that paired original “Aldehyde” and the theme from Ren & Stimpy. From there, Aqueous transitioned from “Good Enough” into a debut cover of Ween’s “Ocean Man,” a song featured in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. The seamless conclusion to the set also saw openers Mungion switch out with members of Aqueous one by one for a performance of the Hey Arnold theme song. Aqueous returned to close out the frame with a run of “What’s The Connection?” > the Doug theme song > “Weight Of The Word.” The quartet ended the night by debuting their take on the Rocket Power theme song. Watch the entire show thanks to MKDevo:

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Set One: Killer Tofu1 2 > Realize Your Light, The Median, Don’t Do It3 > Catdog Theme1 4 > Don’t Do It, Split the Difference > Rocko’s Modern Life Theme1 5 > Rugrats Theme6 > Split the Difference

Set Two: Aldehyde > Ren and Stimpy Theme1 7, Good Enough > Ocean Man1 8 > Origami > What’s the Connection? > Hey Arnold Theme1 9 @@ > What’s the Connection? > Doug Theme2 > Weight of the Word@@@

Encore: Rocket Power Theme1 @@@@


  • 1 Debut
  • 2 from the show Doug
  • 3 Doug theme tease
  • 4 from the show Catdog
  • 5 from the show Rocko’s Modern Life
  • 6 from the show Rugrats
  • 7 from the show Ren and Stimpy
  • 8 Ween cover, debut
  • 9 from the show Hey Arnold!
  • @@ Mungion switched off with AQ members on their respective instruments one by one, performed the Hey Arnold Theme, then Aqueous members replaced Mungion members during Hey Arnold jam on their respective instruments
  • @@@ Rocko’s Modern Life Theme tease
  • @@@@ from the show Rocket Power

This was a NickToons themed Halloween show. Mike was dressed as Quailman from Doug, Dave was dressed as Chuckie from Rugrats, Evan was dressed as Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life, and Rob was dressed as Ren from Ren & Stimpy

  • 200 show gap for Doug Theme
  • 200 show gap for Rugrats Theme
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