Aqueous Debuts New Song ‘Can You Get Me There?’ In New Orleans


Aqueous performed at the Parish Room at House Of Blues in New Orleans on Tuesday night. The Buffalo-based band debuted the song “Can You Get Me There?” halfway through their single set in the Crescent City.

Aqueous kicked things off with the classic “Willy Is 40” from their 2012 album of the same name, which saw the four-piece jamming a bit before blasting off to bring the song to a conclusion. “Little Something To Me” from the band’s 2019 EP Burn It Down came next ahead of the A Flock Of Seagulls 1982 classic “I Ran (So Far Away),” which also saw Aqueous stretching their legs a little. New song “Good Days,” — a tune the band unveiled in Birmingham, Alabama two nights before — came next before Aqueous explored “Random Company,” which stretched to over 15 minutes.


Next up, the band debuted new tune “Can You Get Me There?” The song featured a driving beat, distorted guitar and mid-90s alt-rock vibe to it. “King For A Day” from 2014’s Cycles came next and was left unfinished as the band headed into “Mosquito Valley Pt. I,” which featured the shuffling beat of Dixieland funk for the Big Easy audience. Aqueous then segued into “Don’t Do It” to bring the set to a close.

Listen to full-show audio taped by teamikoiko below:


Setlist via

Set One: Willy is 40, Little Something To Me, I Ran (So Far Away), Good Days, Random Company, Can You Get Me There?1, King for a Day2 > Mosquito Valley Pt. I3 > Don’t Do It


1 Original, debut

2 Unfinished

3 Dixieland Funk Style jam