Aqueous Releases Surprise Live Album ‘Element Pt. III: Best Of Color Wheel Tour’


Today, Aqueous surprised fans with the release of a brand-new live album, Element Pt. III. The album, which serves as the third installment in the band’s live Element series, compiles highlights from the group’s fall 2018 Color Wheel tour.

As David Loss, Aqueous’ keyboardist and guitarist, shared in a press release:

This live compilation includes some of the best songs and moments from our time on the road last fall. … Many of these tracks are ‘fan-favorites’; one’s that fans have repeatedly talked about or shared with one another, others are just simply ones we enjoyed! Together, all of the selections on this release represent the great energy and excitement we experienced while on tour.

Element Pt. III features ten selections from six of Aqueous’ tour stops—Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee (WI), Frisco (CO), and Omaha (NE)—during November and December 2018. The new album features long-standing fan favorites, such as “Origami” and “Kitty Chaser,” as well as setlist rarities, such as “Josie.” Notably, the album collects a number of newer tunes that were debuted during last fall’s Color Wheel tour, including “Realize Your Light,” “Mandela Effect” and “Numbers And Facts.”

Added guitarist Mike Gantzer:

The Color Wheel Tour was a benchmark tour us, and we all felt really inspired and locked in with the new material from the record fueling the performances. … This compilation represents the next chapter in our ‘Element’ live series and captures some excellent and wild musical moments from a really memorable tour for us and our fans. We’re stoked for people to hear it!

Listen to Aqueous’ latest release, Element Pt. III, below:

Element Pt. III Tracklist

  1. Origami (11.3.18 Philadelphia, PA)
  2. Underlyer (11.30.18 Milwaukee, WI)
  3. Josie (12.6.18 Frisco, CO)
  4. Realize Your Light (11.2.18 Washington, DC)
  5. Numbers and Facts (11.2.18 Washington, DC)
  6. Mandela Effect (11.30.18 Milwaukee, WI)
  7. Kitty Chaser (11.29.18 Chicago, IL)
  8. Split the Difference (12.11.18 Omaha, NE)
  9. Skyway (11.30.18 Milwaukee, WI)
  10. 20/20 (12.6.18 Frisco, CO)

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