Andrew Bird Shares ‘Manifest’ Duet With Erika Wennerstrom


Andrew Bird released a new version of his song “Manifest” featuring a duet with Erika Wennerstrom of the Heartless Bastards. The original version of “Manifest” appears on Bird’s Grammy-nominated 2019 album My Finest Work Yet.

Both artists spoke about the song and working together in a statement. Here’s what Bird had to say:

When it occurred to me that Manifest would work well as a duet I thought of Erika right away because her voice is so deep and grounded. Not to get all mystical on you, but it just sounds like the earth. She brought something new to the song and hearing that other voice can make you listen in a different way. I don’t like to preach in my songs. Manifest just lays it all out there alongside the incontrovertible evidence of an environmental tipping point and says, ‘don’t pretend you can’t hear.’ I’ve been a fan of Erika’s since we used to tour with Heartless Bastards to her solo work. She doesn’t sound like anyone else. Unbridled and unpretentious. A true artist.

Wennerstrom added:

“I had recently reconnected with Andrew on another matter, and he just happened to be thinking about adapting Manifest as a duet at the time. Lucky me! When I listened to the lyrics I identified with them very closely. I have had deep growing concern of our environment the last several years, and I think it’s very important this issue stay in the forefront. Andrew is such an incredible talent in every aspect of his songs. The writing, the playing, and his wonderful voice. He’s the whole package. I’m a huge fan, and honored to work with him on something.

Listen to both artists on “Manifest” below:


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