Andrew Bird Performs For ‘From The Basement’ In 2008


Andrew Bird’s 2008 From The Basement performance has surfaced on YouTube. The three-song set sees the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performing two tunes from his 2007 album, Armchair Apocrypha, as well as a number off his 2009 LP, Noble Beast.

Bird kicks off the solo set with “Plasticities” from Armchair, which sees him masterfully looping in layers of Pizzicato accompaniment on his violin to play his guitar over, something he continued on the next song, “Tenuousness,” from Noble Beast. Bird closed out the session with “Spare-Ohs,” featuring his trademark whistling.

Watch Andrew Bird’s entire From The Basement set below:

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  • 00:56 – Plasticities
  • 08:33 – Tenuousness
  • 14:23 – Spare-Ohs
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