ALO Guests With Jack Johnson In Berkeley

By Scott Bernstein Jul 28, 2017 12:01 pm PDT

Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson continued his Summer Tour last night at The Greek in Berkeley with ALO aboard as support. While Jack’s backing band includes keyboardist Zach Gill, the rest of ALO also sat-in during Johnson’s main set on Thursday.

Jack Johnson first brought out the rest of ALO for “Big Sur,” an original he debuted earlier this tour. Johnson noted, “I just showed [ALO guitarist] Dan [‘Lebo’ Lebowitz] this song five minutes before he walked on stage.” ALO drummer Dave Brogan and bassist Steve Adams played percussion on “Big Sur.” Adams and Brogan filled their normal rolls later in the night on the Zach-led “Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down.” ALO first recorded the original in their early days and then re-recorded the tune with Jack Johnson for 2006’s Fly Between Falls.

Watch video of ALO and Jack Johnson at The Greek captured by Must Have Media:

[Big Sur]

[Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down]


Jack Johnson at William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre

  • If I Had Eyes
  • Do You Remember / My Baby Left Me
  • Upside Down
  • Traffic in the Sky
  • Sitting, Waiting, Wishing / Just What I Needed
  • My Mind Is for Sale
  • Inaudible Melodies
  • Flake
  • Radiate
  • Theme from Thicker than Water
  • Spoken - Answering Machine Story and Riff
  • Tomorrow Morning
  • Bubble Toes
  • Mas que nada  
  • Staple It Together / Whole Lotta Love
  • Big Sur
  • Rodeo Clowns
  • Breakdown
  • Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down  
  • Banana Pancakes / Same Girl
  • Shot Reverse Shot
  • At or With Me / Whole Wide World
  • Good People
  • Better Together
  • Home
  • I Got You
  • Willie Got Me Stoned and Stole All My Money
  • Constellations
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