Allen Ginsberg Musical Tribute Album Features Mickey Hart, Yo La Tengo & More


A musical tribute album to legendary Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, The Fall Of America — A 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute, is set for release on February 5 through Allen Ginsberg Recordings. The record focuses on Ginsberg’s collection The Fall Of America: Poems Of These States 1965-1971 and features the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, Yo La Tengo and more.

Published by San Francisco’s famed City Lights bookstore, The Fall Of America traces Ginsberg’s travels around the country during the tumultuous years of 1965 through 1971. The work sees Ginsberg reflecting on the war in Vietnam, the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the death of his friend Neal Cassady and more. The poems were largely composed on an Uher reel to reel tape recorder purchased with the help of Bob Dylan.

The Fall Of America — A 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute participant Mickey Hart spoke about Ginsberg’s work in a statement. Read Mickey’s words below:

While most people tend to reflect the brightness of the era, Ginsberg didn’t shy away from the darkness. He writes the scene in all its complexity, the busts of excitements and Dionysian excesses as well as darker images, such as the sculpture of the hanged man. He forces us to recognize the children sleeping in the bed and the police cars parked outside, red lights revolving in the trees.

The tribute album also features interpretations from Andrew Bird, Devendra Banhart, Bill Frisell and more. Check out the artist and tracklist for The Fall Of America — A 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute below:

The Fall Of America — A 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute

  1. Scanner – Elegy for Neal Cassidy
  2. Handsome Family – Hiway Poesy Painted Desert into Albuquerque
  3. Shintaro Sakamoto – Manhattan Thirties Flash
  4. Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo – Hum Bom
  5. Aliah Rosenthal – War Profit Litany
  6. Ed Sanders (The Fugs) – Memory Gardens
  7. Mickey Hart – Drones Du Jour (First Party at Ken Kesey’s with Hell’s Angels)
  8. ethereal_interface – An Open Window on Chicago
  9. Howie B with Gavin Friday – Death on All Fronts (America is Falling)
  10. Disco Pusher – A Prophecy
  11. Kaya Project – Wales Visitation
  12. Angelique Kidjo – Uluru Song
  13. Bill Frisell – Over Laramie
  14. Andrew Bird – Easter Sunday
  15. Devendra Banhart – Milarepa Taste
  16. Yo La Tengo – Bayonne into NYC
  17. The Good Ones (Rwanda) – Falling Asleep in America
  18. Steven Taylor – Continuation of a Long Poem in These States
  19. Lang Lee – Pain on All Fronts
  20. Social Animals – Falling Asleep In America (Roses Smell Sweet)

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