Afrolicious Gear Stolen | Release Emergency Funk

In a situation we’ve seen repeat itself way more often than we like, Bay Area fixtures Afrolicious had some of their gear stolen recently in San Francisco. SF Weekly reports that thieves broke into bassist Wendell Rand’s car and made off with “his bass (a vintage Modulas Graphite VJ, if anyone sees one of those pop up in a pawn shop) as well Joey McGuire’s guitar (an Ibanez Artstar AS-120 White) and keyboard (a Nord Electro).” The band has come up with a way to attempt to recoup some of the funds needed to replace the stolen gear.

[The Scene Of The Crime via Afrolicious Facebook]

Afrolicious have released an 11-track compilation dubbed Emergency Funk to raise money to replace the equipment. “We hope that our gear will turn up eventually, I’ve had that guitar since I was 15 and have composed most of my music on it, but in the meantime we need to purchase replacements so we can make our upcoming gigs and continue to provide for our family and our fans,” said guitarist Joe “Pleasuremaker” McGuire.

Alongside brand new Afrolicious and Pleasuremaker songs like “Chicha Pleasure” and “Living Our Lives” are never before released live recordings of Afrolicious at Red Rocks and Brooklyn Bowl. You can pay what you want for Emergency Funk, but we hope you’ll support the band as best you can.