Watch ‘A Hot Lunch With The Mother Hips’ Short Film: Exclusive Video Premiere

By Scott Bernstein Mar 30, 2021 10:48 am PDT

Acclaimed Northern California-based band The Mother Hips celebrate 30 years together in 2021. JamBase is pleased to help the group honor the occasion by premiering “A Hot Lunch With The Mother Hips,” a previously unreleased short film captured in 1992.

The Mother Hips are in the midst of reissuing each of their 10 studio albums on vinyl via Blue Rose. One LP will be released per month through October as the band continues to work their way through The Mother Hips’ discography in chronological order starting with 1992’s Back To The Grotto. The Mother Hips will end the series in November by releasing their 11th studio album, which is currently being recorded. Proceeds from vinyl sales will be donated to Blue Rose Foundation to provide pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children. Head here to order/pre-order The Mother Hips albums on vinyl.


The 15-minute “A Hot Lunch With The Mother Hips” was filmed in 1992 as the band started touring beyond their hometown of Chico, California and features live performances of “Hey Emilie,” “Mountain Time” and more. Additionally, the short film includes footage from the recording of Back To The Grotto.

“‘A Hot Lunch With The Mother Hips’ was put together by some friends who were traveling with us during our first few trips performing outside of Chico, as well as, during the making of our debut album, Back to The Grotto,” co-founding member Greg Loiacono tells JamBase. “Mark Sundeen who edited the short film was a high school friend of (guitarist) Tim’s (Bluhm). He was studying at Stanford and would sneak into an editing suite at school and piece it together. Much of the video was filmed by our friend Christof Wolfgang Certik. He played banjo on the Grotto album, as well.


“This was never released and has sat in our archives since the early ‘90s. So finally with our 30th anniversary upon us this year, we figured what better time than now to share it with our fans,” Loiacono adds. “It’s a special little time capsule and brings back some amazing memories from our earliest days as a band.”

Check out “A Hot Lunch With The Mother Hips” below:

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