A Big Yes and a small no Announce New Album ‘Mise En Abyme’ & Share Single

By Andy Kahn Jan 24, 2018 2:42 pm PST

A Big Yes and a small no will release a new studio album Mise En Abyme on April 20 via the Royal Potato Family record label. The record features the lead single “Stranger Things,” which is available to stream below.

The nine-track LP marks the third album issued by the group’s mastermind Kevin Kendrick, a recovering heroin addict who survived a kidnapping in Colombia in 1997. Primarily a vibraphonist, Kendrick was accompanied on the album by drummer Joe Russo, keyboardist Erik Deutsch, guitarist Jonathan Goldberger and bassist Jonti Simon.

“One of the beautiful things about playing music is the gentle reminder of your own mortality that comes with creating something out of nothing, and knowing that the moment you stop playing, it will cease to exist,” said Kendrick. “A record is so-called because it is, literally, a record of that moment; so it doesn’t cease to exist … When I first got back from Colombia, after being tied up in the jungle by a psycho named Jesus, everything was just roses. But honeymoons always end. The same thing happened after I finally beat heroin. I was in New York, clean, starting a band, and having the time of my life. You can hear that on the early Big Yes records. They’re so manic! This is the album where I learn that there’s actually so much to appreciate about being alive beyond just appreciating being alive.”

The album is available to pre-order via this link. Stream “Stranger Things” below:

Mise En Abyme Tracklist

  1. Mise En Abyme
  2. Don’t Pull It Out
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Enough Is Enough
  6. I’m Gonna Die
  7. We Talk Too Much
  8. Photo Finish
  9. Heather
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